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Unlocking The Wealth Code: The Turning Point

June 9 to 11, 2023 at 10:00 AM EST — 10:00 PM EST *Times Subject To Change*

Get the strategies and steps to finally create more personal wealth, prosperity, and abundance than ever before!

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Due to the depth of interaction with Mike Agugliaro and the FuDog Team, this event will sell out!
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Find Out Exactly What It Takes To Create Massive Personal Wealth

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What would your life be like if you could create more personal wealth than you ever thought possible? How would your life change? And, how would you change the lives of others?

It starts by empowering your mind

Wealth doesn't start with a better job or a raise or even fewer expenses. Wealth starts in your mind. We reveal how wealth can be created just by thinking and acting differently in life.

The FuDog Group will walk you through the exact proven steps to create massive personal wealth (with no info held back)

For many people, wealth seems difficult or even out of reach... but what if it wasn't difficult to generate? And, what if it wasn't out of reach to you? The good news is: there's a system to building wealth, and we'll show you how to build your wealth-generating system and implement it in your life.

Stop thinking it's impossible... start seeing wealth-building opportunities everywhere!

At the last "Unlocking The Wealth Code" training, our students generated more than $2.4 million dollars in new wealth during the class... and much, much, more since. Wouldn't YOU like to create more personal wealth while you learn?


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Or schedule a time that works best for you.

What’s Included With The Training?

Easy Access with Zoom

Join from anywhere (we have participants in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia-Pacific) while learning in the comfort of your home!

Full Day Sessions

Full day session is PACKED with practical strategies that you've never heard of before; each one is designed to accelerate your personal wealth.

Team Breakouts

While you build wealth, you'll not only learn from the FuDog experts, you'll also get insight from others who are learning and creating wealth too!

Your Own Wealth Blueprint

You'll create your own custom wealth blueprint—aligned to your goals, timeline, and values. You'll know exactly what actions will create more personal wealth for you!

Invite Your Family

Buy one ticket and get access for your whole family. 

Digital Notebook

You'll create your own custom wealth notebook—aligned to your goals, timeline, and values. You'll know exactly what actions will create more personal wealth for you!

Jay Abraham describes Mike Agugliaro as “one of the most provocative, important, impressive movers and shakers.” Jay , who was identified by Forbes as one of the top five executive coaches, admires how Mike has “fought a never-ending battle for prosperity, for success, for superiority, for sustainability, for joy and fulfillment, and for preeminent performance.” 

I agreed a few years ago that I would get involved in Mike's world as an advisor and as a frequent contributor when he has his high level groups come together. I did it originally because I had the privilege of seeing the unique caliber of impact Mike was making, the rather stunning level of thinking and understanding and leadership instruction he was bringing... and how people started doubling and redoubling and even redoubling again their results, their success, their stature, and I wanted to be a part of it because I'm very, very committed to being associated with anyone who gets people constantly taking positive, profitable, progressive and meaningful action. And that's what Mike is all about.

—Jay Abraham, 21.7 Billion Dollar Man and Highest Paid Marketing Consultant

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  • What You'll Do At Unlocking The Wealth Code: The Turning Point

    Take Control

    You are not a victim of the economic chaos. You will learn how to take control of your financial situation and create wealth.

    Remove Blocks

    What are the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back in life, blocking you from becoming wealthy? It's time to reprogram your mind for success.

    Design A Blueprint

    Mike and the FuDog Team will guide you through the process of creating your very own custom wealth blueprint, a plan of exactly what you will do, step-by-step. 

    ... and much, much more!

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    What Makes Unlocking The Wealth Code: The Turning Point So Life-Changing?

    Most people go through life with bigger dreams than they can afford. And it's not just about fancy cars or luxury vacations, it's also about wanting to share your wealth with others to create a better world... or even just worrying less about how you'll pay the bills so you can focus on your family.

    In Unlocking The Wealth Code: The Turning Point, you'll learn... how your past and current belief systems have built your thinking about money (and even hold you back from generating wealth).

    You'll also learn that creating wealth is actually simpler and even more automatic than most people realize. What is possible when YOU start creating wealth?

    And you'll discover the secrets, strategies, steps, and systems that the world's wealthiest people know and apply daily to generate massive amounts of wealth—you'll learn how to adopt these same insights for yourself to create life-changing and legacy-building wealth?

    And, of course you'll finish the class with your own personal wealth blueprint to generate wealth in your life. Once you have this, everything changes!


    Call us at 1-908-663-8364

    Or schedule a time that works best for you.

    Become A Wealth Super-Magnet To Create And Attract More Personal Wealth

  • Break free from limiting beliefs about money by shattering old ideas that have held you back from creating wealth in the past.

  • Discover the Laws Of Wealth and find out how these universal laws work together to help you create wealth (but only if you know these laws!)

  • Learn to use the Money Grid Tracker to transform how you think about wealth and accelerate your wealth-building.

  • Maximize everything! From wealth knowledge to wealth creation to wealth protection… and even learn how to leave a generational legacy.

  • Uncover the frequency, resistance, and harmony of wealth and use that knowledge to attract more personal wealth to you.

  • Find out how to think differently about credit, borrowing, and even luck (no one else is talking about this!)

  • Accelerate your wealth building and start generating wealth like never before! You won’t believe how much more wealth you’ll finally start attracting!

  • Master the wealth vehicles (you’ll be surprised at how many there are in your life—many that you never realized were wealth vehicles!)

  • ... and much, much more!

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    “Money equals freedom,” according to Kevin O’Leary, the venture capital investor who has become known as “Mr. Wonderful,” on the popular TV show Shark Tank. O’Leary is opinionated, ruthless, and tells it like it is. He’s been highly successful throughout his life, learning very early on that “Whatever you pay attention to grows!” O’Leary lives by a rather simple principle: “I want to go to bed richer than when I woke up. The pursuit of wealth is a wonderful thing, but the thing is you have to be honest about it, you have to tell the truth.”

    Mike Agugliaro is the real deal!

    —Kevin O’Leary, Venture Capital Investor, and celebrity on Shark Tank

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    Learn From A Self-Made Decamillionaire

    Mike Agugliaro

    Find out how this struggling electrician grew and sold two huge empires, became a decamillionaire, and helped many others become millionaires, all by using surprising mindset shifts and by tapping into a secret source that you MUST hear about!


    Mike Agugliaro is a lifelong student of martial arts, human performance, and the transformation of potential into mastery. He started his professional career as an electrician and grew a $32 million/year home services business, which was acquired by a private equity company. He then built the largest training organization for home service companies, which received a substantial investment from a private equity firm.

    Mike has perfected the art of personal human performance, and applies what he learns in all aspects of life, from family and relationships to health and fitness to career and wealth.

    Mike is an author, speaker, a sought-after human performance expert, and a Black Belt in Jinsei Ryu Budo.

    Jennifer Agugliaro

    She’ll share the powerful strategies she learned as a business owner and co-founder, plus don’t miss her insight on the power of support, nurture, leadership and family when creating wealth (no one else is talking about how powerful this is)

    Jennifer loves nature, especially the ocean, and is inspired and recharged by its power. She and Mike make their home at the Jersey Shore, and her daily interaction with the ocean keeps her grounded and connected to all things.

    Jennifer Agugliaro brings light and wisdom to challenge social conventions and perceptions, and to leave a world where people can express who they really are. She’s a rebel with a heart, and her life reveals a passion for enhancing the world around her.

    With her connection to light, nature, and spirituality, it should come as no surprise that Jennifer is an empath whose ability to connect emotionally with others gives her a level of insight that few possess, and her fearlessly inquisitive nature empowers her to instantly see and challenge people when they are not living within their truest values and to challenge the beliefs and stories that guide them.

    Aaron Hoos

    This former stockbroker and real estate investor “escaped the machine” to think differently about wealth and to master the real secrets of success while leading an international team of experts. He’ll reveal the SYSTEM of wealth generation.

    Aaron Hoos is a master executor with more than two decades of accelerated “get-it-done” creation.

    From humble beginnings and a failed business in 2001, he built a successful career as a copywriter, author, marketing expert, speaker and investor; and, he went from a solopreneur to a team of more than 20 in his agency. Along the way he acquired an MBA and licenses in financial advisory, wrote several books, and founded three companies.

    The skills he learned in building this success for himself and for his clients is really about creating a bold, inspiring vision and executing on it relentlessly. He’s created and curated a broad skillset and toolset to lead a team in executing quickly and masterfully while staying efficient and nimble.

    Michael Agugliaro

    This former stockbroker and real estate investor “escaped the machine” to think differently about wealth and to master the real secrets of success while leading an international team of experts. He’ll reveal the SYSTEM of wealth generation.

    Michael Agugliaro knows the solution to chaos (and it’s not what most people think).

    For more than a decade, Michael has been studying growth, success, personal power, and how to master chaos, and he’s been studying it from some of world’s best experts and in unexpected places like the dojo...

    As an expert in martial arts and fitness, Michael Agugliaro successfully bridged the gap between the physical prowess of martial arts but also its mental and emotional components that can help someone master chaos in life.

    Michael is highly skilled in leveraging the strategies of martial arts as a tool to eliminate chaos, to achieve focus, and to harness personal power for growth.

    And Our MC For Unlocking The Wealth Code

    Kevin Axtell

    Kevin Axtell is a globally recognized leader in the Firewalking and Empowerment world. He specializes in dynamic and intense group exercises that create massive impact for people.

    As the direct protege of the legendary Tolly Burkan, he carries a legacy of profound teachings and life-changing lessons which he delivers with energy and infectious enthusiasm.

    Kevin's work has been featured on: The Today Show, National Geographic, The History Channel, Pepsi commercials, The World According to Jeff Goldblum and Mythbusters.

    He is also an award winning stage performer MC, and is widely considered one the best Fire Performers on the planet.

    Whenever possible, Kevin is known to include the element of Fire in his trainings in unique and unforgettable ways.

    Who Is Unlocking The Wealth Code For?

    Unlocking The Wealth Code is NOT for everyone.

    First, it’s only for those who are serious about creating more wealth in their life, and who realize that they have to start changing their own beliefs first. (If you just want to be told to work harder, this training is NOT for you).

    Second, this training is for anyone who wants to have an impact and leave a legacy in the world, and who wants to serve others with their wealth.

    Third, this training is only for people who are willing to go “all in” on enhancing their personal life and personal wealth.

    This is NOT a business training. It is a life training. No business insight will be shared.


    Call us at 1-908-663-8364

    Or schedule a time that works best for you.

    Imagine A Life Of Greater Personal Wealth Without Working Harder To Get It

    Take a moment and think about what your life would be like if you created more wealth for yourself. Can you FEEL it? What would it feel like? How would your life be different?

    You’ll have fewer worries and stresses.

    You’ll see more wealth-building opportunities and possibilities everywhere.

    You’ll probably enjoy your relationships more because you’ll have more time and fewer fights about money.

    You’ll be able to focus on other things like never before, such as your health and your hobbies, because you’re not so focused on paying the bills.

    You’ll potentially consider changing careers because you no longer feel trapped.

    You’ll finally be able to help others the way you always wish you could (but were held back by your own financial responsibilities).

    You’ll finally feel fully in control of your life and your decisions like never before!

    And, you’ll be excited because you’ll feel LIMITLESS with unlimited possibilities!

    Unlocking The Wealth Code: The Turning Point will help you achieve that.

    More personal wealth is in reach… will you take action to get it?

  • What Previous Participants Are Saying About Unlocking The Wealth Code

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  • This Is Your Chance To Finally Unlock The Wealth Code

    Years ago, I struggled to provide for my family. I worked extra hard every day and barely saw them… all so that I could look after them. The sacrifices were almost too much to bear.

    Then something changed. I found out that wealth is something I needed to work harder to get; in fact, work wasn’t even part of it! I learned about the energy and power of money, and how I could change my thinking and energy to attract more wealth than ever before… all while working less.

    EVERYTHING CHANGED after that discovery, and I went on to create massive personal wealth that will change the life of my family for generations to come.

    Can I share with you the strategies, skills, and step-by-step system that I learned and mastered? Would you like to learn them too?

    I want to show you how to create more massive personal wealth in your life. Join me at Unlocking The Wealth Code!

    Mike Agugliaro

    Unlocking The Wealth Code: The Turning Point

    Here's What You Will Receive:

  • Immersion - Unlocking the Wealth Code VIP ticket. $4995 $3995

  • Get front seat access to this virtual event, June 9-11 2023, with the FuDog Group where they will share with you the exact secret strategies to master power, strength, and abundance that will unlock massive amounts of wealth in all areas of your life. Unleash your inner power and potential with the FuDog Group during Unlocking the Wealth Code 2023.

  • Preparation - Unlocking the Wealth Code Workshop -10am-10pm Daily

  • Learn how the fuDog Group uses vibration to create growth in Unlocking the Wealth Code 2023. When you tune your thoughts to the law of wealth, remove your limiting beliefs, and dream bigger than you ever thought possible, you will experience what it means to invite wealth to yourself. 

    See up close how real life wealth transformation is possible when you remove yourself from default mode by breaking resistance and identifying a new thought process. Everybody’s path to wealth is different, learn the strategies to create your own path that leads to the next level for you. Then keep growing. The FuDog Group will help you identify where you are now, visualize where you want to go, and then give you the tools to step into it.

  • Implementation - Post Event Action Steps

  • Become part of a community that is growing and moving in the same direction as you. Surround yourself with like minded people to continue towards personal growth and massive legacy-wealth growth when you join FuDog Group’s online event hub to stay laser focused and on track towards wealth.

  • Financial Fundamentals-

  • Every decision is a wealth decision that is either taking away or enhancing wealth.

  • Become clear about what you want and create goals with a specific time dimension, then use positive affirmations to take right action.

  • There is no lack of wealth, only regulators within yourself that prevent you from achieving more. Learn what they are and break through to unlock the wealth code in your life.

  • Wealth is a mindset and you are the number one wealth creator. Tear down old programming that is holding you back, and transform your wealth with an inspiring new vision that will motivate you to keep growing.

  • Learn what is possible when you think of wealth in steps, not waves. Look to your future in decades, so you can identify each stage and keep building.

  • Make the time to build wealth for yourself, and be intentional about spending time with wealth builders farther along than you to learn from them along your journey.

  • (JOIN TODAY AND SAVE 50% $3,995)


    Call us at 1-908-663-8364

    Or schedule a time that works best for you.

    This Training Is GUARANTEED

    Simply attend the first day in full and if you feel that you did not learn life-changing insights to increase your wealth, then let us know and we'll refund 100% of your payment. You have nothing to lose.

    Have Questions?

    If you have questions about the Unlocking The Wealth Code: The Turning Point or FuDog Group, or if you want more tickets for friends and family members, or if you are a Freedom Tribe member, reach out to the FuDog Group team at [email protected]

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